Thread Veins & High Colouring

Tone It Down!

Irish Skin is renowned for its sensitivity. Sensitive skin is prone to thread veins and high colouring. Some veins are present from birth, while others develop with age, or as a result of environmental damage such as sun exposure. With our Pulsed Light Technology, both men and women suffering with thread veins and high colouring can achieve a flawless, even complexion, without side effects.

Thread veins - these thin vessels (called telangiectasias) around your nose or on your cheeks are small blood vessels near the surface of the skin, often formed as a result of sun exposure.

Vascular lesions – these are the result of numerous or large vessels that form directly underneath your skin. These lesions occur in many sizes, shapes and can be found all over the body. They occur in a variety of forms including port wine stains, broken capillaries, diffused redness, hemangiomas and cherry angiomas.

Rosacea – Rosacea can be irritating. Your doctor has probably asked you to keep a diary to help identify what triggers make your rosacea worse, this treatment can help to reduce the symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the treatment work?

Short, safe bursts of intense pulsed light (called SWT®technology) are directed at the skin. The system filters the light to ensure the wavelengths used are absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood in your problem vessels. The light is converted to heat, which destroys the protein in the wall of the thread vein or vessel, causing them to gradually disappear after treatment. To ensure the best light transmission, a thin layer of gel is applied to your skin before treatment.

Which veins can be treated?

The most common treatments are for superficial veins in the face, but other vascular lesions on the face or body can successfully treated. Treatments are most efficient in patients with light skin who are not suntanned at the time of the treatment. If your skin is less tanned, the contrast between the blood vessels and background colour of the skin is greater, making treatment easier. However, we have pre-programmed settings for different skin types that deliver the correct energy output for your complexion.

How long does the treatment take?

Several vessels can be targeted in one flash of light. The treatment time depends on the area to be covered and the number of distinct vessels to be treated. A single session typically lasts 10-20 minutes.

Do I need to take special precautions before and after treatment?

The light used is completely safe, visible light. It is, however, important to avoid tanning (sun, solarium or self-tanning products) before and during the treatment period. Otherwise your tanned skin will absorb more light, which makes treatment less effective and less comfortable. Generally, no special care is necessary after treatment, but people with sensitive skin may benefit from applying a cold compress to the face immediately after treatment. After treatment, you should avoid sun exposure, even if there is no sign of inflammation on the treated area. Use sun protection (minimum SPF 30).

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on location and number of your thread veins or vessels to be treated. Typically, the number of treatments range between 1 and 4, at monthly intervals.

Does the treatment hurt?

No anaesthetics are required, and many patients describe the treatment as practically pain-free.

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